Tree Prescriptions in Atlanta

tree protection fencing on a construction site

How to preserve trees during construction?

The City of Atlanta may require you to submit a Silvicultural Prescription. Richmond Tree Expertsprovide this service.

A tree prescription is a document and treatment plan that addresses standards drafted by the City of Atlanta prior to any land disturbance or construction permit is issued. Our prescription will include a tree inspection and a document that covers the following:

Site Address
Ownership and contact numbers, including mailing address if different from site address Size, location, and species of each tree being analyzed
Provide a map, locate site on vicinity map
Private Arborist’s name and signature, ISA Certification
Company’s name and address
Prescription must be provided on company’s letterhead

Reports should address:
Scope of impact
How impact affects tree’s health and stability (roots, trunk, and canopy)
Two and five-year survivability of trees

Destroyed vs. viability of trees

Prescription measures:
Soil, (e.g., mulching; alleviate compaction)
Roots and root collar
Canopy: pruning regimen (eg., thinning, crown reduction)
No trimming, no topping, no tipping is allowed Watering regiment - irrigation Treatments, e.g., growth regulators, pesticides, nutrients If pesticides, labeling information must be provided
Indicate potential source of contamination
Provisions for monitoring tree if applicable
Submit a signed and paid in full invoice for the fulfillment of prescription

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