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bucket truck being used to prune trees in residential wooded area

Why Richmond Tree Experts should Prune your trees!

Tree Trimming or Pruning may be necessary to maintain or improve a trees' health, apperance or safety. At times it may be necessary to remove limbs that interfere with wires, buildings, gutters, roofs, chimneys, windows or streets and sidewalks. Dead limbs always need to be removed if someone could be struck by one falling. Remove deseased or insect infested limbs that may lead to further decay. Create better structure by removing competeing limbs thereby reducing storm damage to trees. Improve light penetration on lawns and gardens. Lastly you can prune to improve the shape or silhouette of a tree. Richmond Tree Experts reserves only the best, most experienced, crews for tree pruning. A poorly pruned tree will lead to future problems including, bad would closure, infectous desease and eventualy death of a tree. Properly pruned trees on the other hand add significant value to your property for many years to come. You can't undo damage to a tree, so you better get it done right the first time, Call Richmond Tree Today to schedule your free Pruning Estimate.

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Tree Pruning Advantages with Richmond Tree Experts

  • Price

    Richmond Tree Experts will match or beat any quote from their competitors. They have been in business longer, and have more experience in Pruning trees than any other tree company in Marietta. Richmond Tree Experts has maintained a zero incident record for the past 40 years, and that is no accident!

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  • Quality

    Richmond Tree Experts uses state-of-the-art tree removal and tree pruning equipment to deliver the most efficient tree care in Marietta. This efficient process includes crane-assisted tree removal as well as tree pruning from a bucket truck or the latest techniques in spike-less tree pruning.

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  • Trust

    Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell has thoroughly vetted and approved Richmond Tree Experts for tree care in Marietta, Georgia. Richmond Tree Experts is the first tree service in Marietta that Dale Cardwell has given this designation to making them the most trusted Tree Service in Marietta.